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My Alcove

I approached the zone with a slow pace..
Not knowing the temperament..
Waited to see the artistry over the sands..
And as an outbreak it came to me..
The avalanche doused my feet, and it felt cold..
The taction started me, but I was in love with the locale..
On the horizon I see the glimmer..
The rhythm of aubade gush around me..
Slowly the sun dodged amongst the clouds..
And I could see the aglow in a distance..
The semblance of a heaven I feel this instant..
A smirk emerged as the memories rushed in..
And faded as I realised this time I am alone..
The memories of my squire, but now she is gone..
Where once I sauntered the shore with you..
My solitude consorts me this instant..
I miss you the more I try to disremember..
With a hope to dismiss from mind..
I walk astern, away from the zone..

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