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Without a wink I look at you..
Just the marvel, what am I yet to do..
The dream was near and the way unhandy..
All I need now is a sacred black art..
But now I wonder, will you be my savior?
For all the ignorance I cast on you..
Will I pay for the unfamed sin??
Somewhere I read ‘you are in my midst’..
And I had a faith you will be there..
Now gazing at your statuette all I can do is wonder..
A censure at the heart says I had gone wrong..
I think of you is when I go feeble..
The literature says you are everywhere..
But on my regards you seldom come..
I call myself hoggish for now am in pain and thinking of you..
Is my ignorance the blasphemy on you??
I still look upon you as my ultimate usher..
Will you be my savior?


My Alcove

I approached the zone with a slow pace..
Not knowing the temperament..
Waited to see the artistry over the sands..
And as an outbreak it came to me..
The avalanche doused my feet, and it felt cold..
The taction started me, but I was in love with the locale..
On the horizon I see the glimmer..
The rhythm of aubade gush around me..
Slowly the sun dodged amongst the clouds..
And I could see the aglow in a distance..
The semblance of a heaven I feel this instant..
A smirk emerged as the memories rushed in..
And faded as I realised this time I am alone..
The memories of my squire, but now she is gone..
Where once I sauntered the shore with you..
My solitude consorts me this instant..
I miss you the more I try to disremember..
With a hope to dismiss from mind..
I walk astern, away from the zone..

The beatific…..

I never yelled I am flawless..
But still I am the premier for some..
Life gave me a glum instant..
But with you I feel I am the victor..
The lines are not just for me..
This locution is something any heart aches for..
Sparsely one finds a reason to smile..
But with a world of find yourself apter..
And find yourself repeating the phrase..
Feeling like a winner..
The reason why I inscribe this here..
Is to show how much you are adored..
At some point of my ramble..
You were solacing for my credence..
Showed me the right path..
Made feel what is life when I have a cluster..
Of the chosen ones who live to love..
As you go through these verbalizes..
For  the smile that purviews your face..
Is the sign to show you are one of the chosen ones..
Who make my life beatitude..

Brume..and me!

Each day i wake up with a dream..

But was i ever able to achieve what i consummate..

The dreams i see wither so fast..

When am I going to stay inflexible in what i resolve..

Life came to me fully patronized..

But somehow i feel it just fizzles..

I need to focus the way i palpate this life..

I get a notion to indite this instant..

But if i don’t get a fount its gone for ever..

The brume on the casement makes me think..

The life resembles its mode a lot..

It appears and disappears.. so does my intuition..

I wish i could control its celerity..

Cos still i don’t know what i am manana….


A piquant thought leaped in the heart..

She was no longer a kid..

With make up on the  face..

She feigned to be in thirties..

Nifty in the school days..

The movie addict in her late teens..

Amorous in the  later  phase..

The sentient varies as the life moves on..

She evinces her thoughts as she gets older..

All the reveries shall conclude some day..

Till then she falls in love..

E ach day with each figure..

For now, she discerns from others too..

A fact that she will have to be docile..

Stays as a perpetual thought..

Somebody each day inspires her..

She believes in her psyche..

But not often people realize that she is not a trifle..

She cares as a mom, loves like a paramour..

Learn to esteem her merit..for she is supernal..

The frigid emotions…

Was it the gelid that kept his tears frozen..

He wondered as he paddled through the stream..

The way took him to a world of memories..

The thoughts of his love filled the head..

It was the same canoe they traveled once..

The day he descried he was in love..

It was the same suitor to meet her..

Once it was with the ring..and now he owns the flowers..

The sore avow of being together filled his heart..

As he reached the shore somehow he dithered..

The fist crumpled the flowers and he changed his path..

The church bells rang and the chorus sung in unison..

A few incited interactions..

And he gained what he needed..

The tiny eyes were shut tight..veiled in white..

The thing was wee..but it was his own blood..

Realizing the next deed he headed for the new outset..

To the sepulcher which awaited them..

The grey stones beautifully laid..all he could do was to gaze..

Knelt in front of the inhumed he placed the babe on the tribune…

Silence filled the place..

It was the time to he cast his eyes on the grave..

As per her wish it said..

“May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.”

The words firm on the mind..he departed..

To the life endue their gem..

What went wrong?

I wish i could beget a child with my hopes..
For he was the one who mildewed by my actions..
He needed my love and aid..
That was till he was juvenile..
With my growing age i forgot he faced the same..
Wasn’t i a good parent that he chose to gyp me..
Tired to make him virtuous..but he trampled me..
The words fell on deaf ears..and i realized that late..
Never awaited the worst moment of being a parent..
But when the crowd says you pilfered..
An ache surmounts my inner soul..
What did i not provide you in my lifetime..
From day of realization of my parentage i have been striving..
To make you earn your dream..
But still you chose the thrill of larceny..
Nobody caught you..but the world sees..
You deeds left me shamefaced..
Oh lad i had expectations..
Did i never satisfy all your expectancy?
Is this because my lineage was wrong..
Or is that you..The bizarre soul…

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