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Without a wink I look at you..
Just the marvel, what am I yet to do..
The dream was near and the way unhandy..
All I need now is a sacred black art..
But now I wonder, will you be my savior?
For all the ignorance I cast on you..
Will I pay for the unfamed sin??
Somewhere I read ‘you are in my midst’..
And I had a faith you will be there..
Now gazing at your statuette all I can do is wonder..
A censure at the heart says I had gone wrong..
I think of you is when I go feeble..
The literature says you are everywhere..
But on my regards you seldom come..
I call myself hoggish for now am in pain and thinking of you..
Is my ignorance the blasphemy on you??
I still look upon you as my ultimate usher..
Will you be my savior?


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