Expressing my thoughts..

The beatific…..

I never yelled I am flawless..
But still I am the premier for some..
Life gave me a glum instant..
But with you I feel I am the victor..
The lines are not just for me..
This locution is something any heart aches for..
Sparsely one finds a reason to smile..
But with a world of find yourself apter..
And find yourself repeating the phrase..
Feeling like a winner..
The reason why I inscribe this here..
Is to show how much you are adored..
At some point of my ramble..
You were solacing for my credence..
Showed me the right path..
Made feel what is life when I have a cluster..
Of the chosen ones who live to love..
As you go through these verbalizes..
For  the smile that purviews your face..
Is the sign to show you are one of the chosen ones..
Who make my life beatitude..

Comments on: "The beatific….." (7)

  1. I have read all your older poems. This one too is wonderful. Keep writing!!

  2. arunmohansam said:

    its too beautiful with well quote lines and phrase!you r too talented…iam also writing poems but more in malayalam!all the best keep writting more,u can even publish these one if u r interested?

  3. nyc da…nyc…….

  4. arunmohansam said:

    God bless u to write more and more beautiful poems, u have natural talent to gamble with the words hope to see u more frm u!

  5. Vineeth S Nair said:

    Brilliant!!…U’re awesome!!:)

  6. aneeshthamalam said:

    its nice keep it up

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