Expressing my thoughts..

Brume..and me!

Each day i wake up with a dream..

But was i ever able to achieve what i consummate..

The dreams i see wither so fast..

When am I going to stay inflexible in what i resolve..

Life came to me fully patronized..

But somehow i feel it just fizzles..

I need to focus the way i palpate this life..

I get a notion to indite this instant..

But if i don’t get a fount its gone for ever..

The brume on the casement makes me think..

The life resembles its mode a lot..

It appears and disappears.. so does my intuition..

I wish i could control its celerity..

Cos still i don’t know what i am manana….


Comments on: "Brume..and me!" (7)

  1. Nice one!! Keep it up!!!

  2. Nice poems!!!

  3. I lyk poems , & these r great. I knw tht U will keep tis up so need 2 mention tht. Wish U all te best.

  4. sandeep Asok said:

    happened to see this blog…really adorable work..move on..

  5. sadhicksha said:

    nice one!!!!

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