Expressing my thoughts..


A piquant thought leaped in the heart..

She was no longer a kid..

With make up on the  face..

She feigned to be in thirties..

Nifty in the school days..

The movie addict in her late teens..

Amorous in the  later  phase..

The sentient varies as the life moves on..

She evinces her thoughts as she gets older..

All the reveries shall conclude some day..

Till then she falls in love..

E ach day with each figure..

For now, she discerns from others too..

A fact that she will have to be docile..

Stays as a perpetual thought..

Somebody each day inspires her..

She believes in her psyche..

But not often people realize that she is not a trifle..

She cares as a mom, loves like a paramour..

Learn to esteem her merit..for she is supernal..


Comments on: "Demoiselle.." (4)

  1. hey nice poem i like it visit my blog @

  2. Abhishek G Nair said:

    This one is just so beautiful. Happy that i stumbled upon this 🙂

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