Expressing my thoughts..

The frigid emotions…

Was it the gelid that kept his tears frozen..

He wondered as he paddled through the stream..

The way took him to a world of memories..

The thoughts of his love filled the head..

It was the same canoe they traveled once..

The day he descried he was in love..

It was the same suitor to meet her..

Once it was with the ring..and now he owns the flowers..

The sore avow of being together filled his heart..

As he reached the shore somehow he dithered..

The fist crumpled the flowers and he changed his path..

The church bells rang and the chorus sung in unison..

A few incited interactions..

And he gained what he needed..

The tiny eyes were shut tight..veiled in white..

The thing was wee..but it was his own blood..

Realizing the next deed he headed for the new outset..

To the sepulcher which awaited them..

The grey stones beautifully laid..all he could do was to gaze..

Knelt in front of the inhumed he placed the babe on the tribune…

Silence filled the place..

It was the time to he cast his eyes on the grave..

As per her wish it said..

“May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow.”

The words firm on the mind..he departed..

To the life endue their gem..


Comments on: "The frigid emotions…" (1)

  1. arunmohansam said:

    This one i enjoyed the most!what a pretty lines and full of emotions!got memories of an incident happened at my church in april 2008!nothing more to say its awesome!

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